Key Club Plans

With this year ending, the Key Club is coming to an end as well. However, there is an upcoming meeting for those students who are interested in joining next year. The meeting is May 6th and will be led by Key Club’s newly elected officers, President Preston Brondyke, V.P Alayna Hinman and Treasurer Amberlyn Hadley.  I spoke to Mrs. Wilkinson (one of two teachers who supervise the club) about the plans for next year, and although there are a few plans in the making, she informed me that the club will participate in multiple activities as they do every year. These activities include Festival of Trees and the annual Key Club Convention in St. Louis.

Unfortunately, the club does not have much planned out for next year, but they are always accepting new ideas and new members. Key Club offers students the opportunity to help out the community as well as create new friendships. If you have any questions feel free to ask Mrs. Wilkinson or Mrs. Watson questions via email or dropping by their classrooms.  Mrs. Wilkinson said, “We are welcoming new members, so if anyone is interested in joining don’t be shy!”

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Cheyenne Brown  



First Trial In Many

Anyone who makes it to the ninth grade and beyond knows the feeling. The feeling of absolute dread, for the simple reason you’re expected to be awake ¾ of the hours of the day each day and still be able to pay attention and sometimes participate in afterschool activities and or work part-time. The feeling of Freshmenitis

According to 9th-grader, Nate Taylor, “School asks too much. Up ‘til now its been chill, and you really didn’t have to do anything to pass, but now we gotta pass all our classes and do big tests worth like half our grade.” Nate is one of many children near and far who feel as if they are shocked and asked to do too much academically. Most don’t even know how to study. Let alone set aside time for activities, or how to manage life and school.

Many schools like our own have a very high repeat-rate at the Freshmen level–that means a large amount of students will retake 9th-grade year. Like Southeast, every state struggles with students repeating 9th-grade. It’s not because all of them were deprived of education like some may be. There are way too many students who don’t come in at the standard level of reading or math comprehension. Others either don’t care or their guardians don’t care if they get a high school diploma or not. Freshman Math teacher,  Scott Winders, was asked if he feels if freshmen are prepared for high school. He responded with, “Yes academically, but maybe not ready for the shift from middle school mindset to a high schoolers.”

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By Xai Depew


Prom Theme

On May 4th, Southeast hosted the 2019 Junior and Senior Prom at Erin’s Pavilion located in Southwind Park. Students were captivated by the scene as they passed the ticket table and entered the ballroom of the Crystal Gala. The doors were complete with balloons that led to the ballroom which had multiple tables decorated with white tablecloths, black runners, clear pebbles and complete with crystal vases topped with roses.

The Crystal Gala was a night to remember. Several students enjoyed the scenery. In fact one senior, Evan Linehan, said that he was “impressed by the decorating job” that turned Erin’s Pavilion into a impressive scene. I spoke to another student who attended Prom, Elizabeth Tuttle, a junior who is a first time Spartan. I asked her what she thought about the Southeast Prom and she said “My girlfriend and I are enjoying it, we love the decorations and are impressed by how well it turned out.”

The Senior class would like to give an enormous thanks to Mrs. Graves and Ms. Coleman for giving us a great, last Prom.

-Cheyenne Brown

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Yearbook Party

Southeast 2019 Yearbook was made special this year. It is the first in the State of Illinois to  have a cover change to pictures when heat is applied to it. Senior Southeast student La’Breae Roberts said “It’s really fun to mess with.”

On May 15th, during 7th hour the yearbooks were handed out to students who bought one, and they then walked around the Commons getting signatures. Mrs. Laub (the yearbook teacher) said, “I threw the party so it would be easier for me to hand out the yearbook to the students, and it helps the students socialize more; therefore, getting signatures from everyone.” La’Breae also stated that, “When I sign someone’s yearbook I try to make it personal and meaningful to them because this may be the last year I’ll get to see them.” Every year the book is dedicated to a special staff member who is retiring, and this year Mr. Door was nominated and all the other staff members who is retiring also received a yearbook.

-Ambir Groth

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Prom King and Queen

This year’s Prom King and Queen was a race to the finish. The prom court was announced two days before the dance. The court was Gianna Flaminni, Herb McMath, Destiny Aaron, Kierra Wallace, Demontreona Lucas, Jurae Tipton, and Isaiah cooper. Gianna Flaminni won prom queen which was a shock to many. Gianna states “I was so happy when I won. It will be something I will remember for the rest of my life.”

I spoke to a few students who gave credit to her winning to her sticker idea. She was the first to have that this year since the “No Food/Candy” rule. The stickers said “Gianna for Prom Queen” and “Vote Gianna and Herb for Prom King and Queen.”

Lastly, as many expected, Kierra Wallace won prom KING. She decided she didn’t want to run for Queen because that wasn’t her. So she decided to be the first girl to run for prom king, and WIN. “I was just excited to be able to break the stereotype of a guy being prom king. It feels good to be different,” says Kierra. Congratulations to the 2019 King and Queen.

-Kennedi Branson

NHS Induction

On the 25th of April this year, an induction was held for 18 juniors who we’re planning on joining the National Honor Society during the 2019-2020 school year. The National Honor Society is for high school students that show leadership and have good character.

During the ceremony, Seniors Antonio King, Harrison Rumple, Serena Bolden, and Summer Jett spoke about their experiences during high school, and in the NHS organization. Ms. Mets called all the juniors by name and each of them symbolically lit a candle. To close the ceremony, Mr. Williams said words of encouragement to the new inductees.

When I asked junior Nina Pelich how it felt to be inducted into NHS, she said “I felt honored and important, it made me excited to start my senior year.” Not only were the juniors excited, but Senior Serena Bolden said, “It was nice to see the new inductees, and being able to share my experiences with them.” Congratulations to the NHS members of class 2019; we expect to see big things from you!

-Grey Martin

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Decision Day

Decision Day is a day that celebrates and recognizes all the hard work that seniors have put in for the last four years. It’s named “Decision Day” because of the decisions that they’ve made all year long. While they don’t actually decide on this day of where they are going to college or the workforce, they still have a chance to be recognized. The celebration will be held on May 17th.

There are five main stations that are going to be set up for the seniors. The first station will be the thank you station. This is where you will have a chance to say or write down thank you to anyone that you want to. The second station will be the photo booth. You and your friends can    take pictures with each other, along with having some props that you can use in the picture. The third station will have a banner signing. The seniors will sign a banner that will says class of 2019 on it. This has been done for decades, as it almost brings all of the seniors together. The fourth station is the teacher senior picture station. If a student wants to take a picture with one or more certain teachers, then they can ask if that teacher would like to take a picture with them. The fifth and final station is advice from a senior. This allows a senior to give advice to any underclassmen, if they choose to.

There is also the social area. This is where you can go once you go through the five stations. There will be board games along with PTO basketball. PTO basketball is a basketball game that combines basketball and connect four. You have to make it into a certain basket and have four basketballs in a row. Before the celebration there will be food and drinks.

We hope to see all 2019 graduates in attendance on the 17th. Spartans stand tall and make powerful decisions!

Derek Willhite

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