Hot Wheels

The Southeast boys’ and girls’ track team has two new racers making history. Senior Kate Koskey and Junior Wesley Stephens use their brand new wheels to compete on the track. During Cross Country season, Kate became a team manager. Coach Hood, the head coach, asked if she would be interested in participating in wheelchair track, and of course Kate said yes! Therefore, Coach Hood made a Gofundme page to raise money for the wheelchairs. Kate said, ¨It feels great to be apart of such an incredible and supportive team,¨ and Wesley said, ¨It’s a great experience and I really enjoy it!”

The athletes practice with the rest of the track team and work out their arms by using the wheelchair everyday. Wesley said “I lift weights with Tommy¨ (Tommy is Southeast athletic trainer who helps athletes stay healthy and strong during their seasons.) They don’t know who they are going to race against next, but both of them have gotten wins in their rookie season!

-Ambir Groth


Spartans On Track

After every school quarter Southeast holds its annual thanks for successful students. Successful at Southeast can mean to be either blue or gold Level according to the Spartan 7 Program. Members of the staff “honor” students on blue and gold level, giving them a free tardy pass, early lunch dismissal passes, and raffle tickets (which gives students the ability to to enter a drawing to win prizes). Winning prizes are used on the twenty-sixth of April this quarter.

Students on gold level do get more raffle tickets than students on blue; some of the hot items that could be won: an off campus lunch with two friends, a $25 gift card, a tardy-free pass. Gold level students receive more tickets because it’s the highest level and takes the most work to achieve. According to five out of five students on white, blue, and gold level, they all agree that the harder you work the more you should earn. The students asked all believe the system of Spartans on Track is balanced and fair. However, they do wish students on all levels should earn something for the work they do put forward. Mrs. O’Connor has said next year the Spartan 7 Program may be “revamped” and new prizes will be available due to the popularity of the reward system, and she wishes that with more prizes, students will try to be on higher levels.

Xai Depew

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Seniors on SAT Day

On April 9th, seniors were excused from school to be day to able to go on college trips, shadow at future jobs, or just use the day to unwind because juniors were SAT testing and many 9th and 10th graders were doing the PSAT. Many seniors chose to use this day as a day to catch up on homework or to pick up extra shifts at work. Senior Jayla Medley used this day to catch up on her sleep and to finish homework for a certain class. “I thought it was nice to be able to just chill at home and finish homework that I couldn’t finish over break.” Another senior Tara Walker, used her time to go visit a prospective school. “I chose this day to go visit my school of choice, UMSL, again since it was already a scheduled day off for me. It was nice being able to go to the school and learn more about it.”  Personally I took this day to finish homework from my classes and to just get extra hours of sleep.

-Kennedi Branson

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Prom Prep

With the Southeast Prom quickly approaching, there is a lot of buzz within the halls of Southeast with talk of tickets, dresses, restaurants and most importantly prom court. But for now let’s focus on the race to make it to court. With posters of seniors running for either queen or king plastered on the walls and windows it’s going to be a hard decision to make when voting time rolls around. Many of the seniors that are running are well known within the school. As far as tickets go, students of the upper classes are racing to purchase their tickets (one for $25 or two for $40).

Along with talk of tickets there is also talk of dresses. Although I haven’t heard much on this front, I do know that many girls already have their dresses: either custom made or from a high end dress shop. Lastly, food. I’ve heard couples discuss going to restaurants such as Applebee’s, Old Luxemburg and even Chesapeake Seafood. One couple who asked not to be mentioned, said “We’re planning to go to the Old Luxemburg before prom for dinner.” There is a lot of planning and preparation going into prom on many fronts. Let’s hope that the night of May 4th truly will be a night to remember.

Cheyenne Brown

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Poms Tryouts

What a exciting time to become a Spartan Pom! Tryouts are around the corner and there is nothing but smiles and excitement for the upcoming new team and season. Tryouts will be held April 27th at Southeast in the Gymnasium. There will also be a required parent informational meeting Wednesday, April 17th.

If you make the team, there will be two clinics to attend: April 26th from 3:30 – 6:30 and April 27th from 9am – 11am in the Southeast Gym. I asked 2016 graduate Tiara Perkins, a Pom alumni how it was when tryouts came and it was her incoming freshman year. She said “It was a nerve-wrecking process that I got over really quickly because dancing is a sport where you can’t be nervous.” I also spoke with freshman Faith Bondon, a freshman pom how it was at tryouts. She explained she was “nervous but excited.” She also gave some advice and said, “you have to know how to tubble, twirl, know how to do the splits and leap so expect the unexpected!”. Remember to smile, and I wish you good luck on making the team.

-Cam Tillman

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Smash Bros Tournament

On Wednesday April, 24th Southeast’s E-League (a competitive gaming team) will be holding a tournament for Super Smash Bros. Smash Bros is a game for the Nintendo Switch which takes iconic video game characters (from Pokemon’s Pikachu to Mario and Luigi) and puts them in a one-on-one elimination fight against each other. The tournament will be held inside the commons area after school. Sign-ups for the event start on Thursday, April 11th with an entree fee of $5.00. The tournament was set up by Durick McNear, a junior at Southeast and the head Smash Bros player on the E-League.

As of right now, all three city high schools were invited and there are between 16-32 competitors. The event will have divisions of 4-5 people on each team, each team is competing for bragging rights. “Imagine the world cup, you know?” said McNear “…making it so at the very least you will play three rounds rather than getting eliminated after one game.” This allows everyone attending the event to get an equal and fair amount of game time as well as making the event more competitive. In the end, each division that wins move closer to the final elimination round and whoever wins will be declared the winner.

Edward Cecil

Baseball Over Spring Break

The Southeast baseball team, over spring break, played against Eisenhower HS and Pleasant Plains HS. There was one standout player from those games: Eddie Sanner. Against Plains, Eddie hit a grand slam (a homerun with the bases loaded.) I asked Saner what his approach was when he went up to bat and he said “I was upset from the previous at-bat where I struck out on a Knuckleball pitch.” Saner got down in a 1-2 count and it was looking like he might strike out again, and he said “I was just looking to make contact with the pitch and not strike out.” But instead of just making contact, he sent the pitch over the fence for a grand slam. Sadly though, the Spartans would fall short against Pleasant Plains losing the game with a score of 7-5.

The grand slam against Plains was not the only stellar performance that we saw from Saner. We also saw him pitching against Eisenhower. In this game he racked up 13 strikeouts and also threw a no-hitter (the other team does not get single hit the entire game.) This a huge achievement in the baseball world and does not happen every day. I asked Saner if he was ever nervous during the game and he said “I didn’t even know that I was throwing a no-hitter until the end of the game.”  As always, Saner stays very humble about all these amazing athletic feats and says that he “didn’t really care that I threw the no-hitter, but that we won the game.” This is something that has not been done in a long time. There was a kid who played for Glenwood named Jacob Maton who threw a no hitter last year, but to have an offensive performance like Saner in the same week as the no-hitter is something special that I don’t think we will see for a long time.

-Bryce Cleeton

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