Yellowstone Volcano

The Yellowstone Volcano, also known as “Super Volcano,”  is the oldest National Park in the world and a popular tourist destination. It has the world’s most diverse and intact group of geysers, hot springs, mudpots, and fumaroles, which are the openings in the earth’s crust near volcanoes that emit steam and gases. Catastrophic eruptions occur at Yellowstone approximately every 600,000 to 800,000 years: the molten underneath Yellowstone continues to show an ebb-and-flow of activity.

The last eruption spewed out close to 240 cubic miles of debris, including red-hot pumice, volcanic glass, rocks, and gas that spread as pyroclastic flows. If the Yellowstone volcano ever erupts again, it can spew ash for thousands of miles all across the United States. If the Yellowstone Volcano erupts, people will be breathing in hot ash, and for people who are all in that area, they will be coated in at least an inch of ash.

The scientists are saying that they would know when it’s going to erupt, and no evidence exists right now. If the volcano does erupt the scientist will let the media sources know.

Written By: Shyra Daniels


Blood Drive

During the blood drive, we collected twenty-nine units of blood. Eighteen of those being first time donors. These units will go to help eighty-seven critically ill patients in Central Illinois. There were some students not eligible to give blood due to various reasons, some being due to students having low iron levels. The blood drive has been coming to Southeast for ten years.  All of the high schools in the surrounding area participate in the blood drive. A student who participated in the blood drive, Lauren Snyder, said: “The cuffs they put on you to draw your blood were super tight.” She witnessed two people sweating and becoming very dizzy. It is recommended that everyone donating should eat before and after the blood drive.

Written by: Shyra Daniel

Baby on Board

Mrs.Morrison who teaches Child Development will now be living in her work. Adalyn Elisabeth Morrison was born September 23rd at 10:25 pm. Being 15 days early she was a bit of a surprise. At birth, she was 20.5 inches and 7 lbs and 3.5 oz. Be sure to congratulate Mrs.Morrison when she returns!IMG_3478 (1)

Springfield Southeast Driving Simulator

On Wednesday, September 27th, Southeast welcomed its annual simulator event sponsored by State-Farm Insurance Co. The simulator was stationed in the faculty parking lot to teach future drivers the importance of paying attention to the road. This is only Southeast’s second year hosting the event which allows students to each take a 3-5 minute turn giving them a visual and physical experience behind the wheel. Freshman, Rebecca Harris claims the simulator “helps realize the severity of distracted driving and helps [teens] realize that accidents can happen to you.” Overall, it is a constructive learning experience for students, and Mr. Nika plans to “continue the workshop.”

Written by:  Ella Kovalichuk, Charles White & Karla Booker

McKendree Tour

The day started off with a general briefing in McKendree University’s auditorium. This was followed by separate tours around campus. Each tour guide was very nice and respectful of the students. The tour included multiple educational buildings, the dorms and the library: each with a simple yet, informative explanation. One of the many highlights was at the end of the tour, the groups got free ice cream given by the President of McKendree University, James M. Dennis.


McKendree was founded in 1828 making it the oldest university in Illinois. The oldest building has been around since 1850. The entire campus takes a brief five minute or ten minutes  to walk, and all of the students get parking privileges for free. McKendree also offers off campus housing, which is included in tuition.


They are a liberal arts school. That means students are required to take a fine arts class,  and it is a private, yet diverse school. They are also a four-year Bachelor degree school, but they offer Graduate Degrees in some majors. McKendree offers free applications all year with specialized scholarships for students. For religious members, there is a church on campus that offers multiple services for all kinds of religions as well as an hour of multi-diverse religious studies. McKendree is also ranked number one in the state for their football team.


I believe that all students, current and future, can agree McKendree University is a lovable, affordable and amazing school. If you are looking for a college to attend, McKendree would be a great choice to further your education at.


Written By Cheyenne Brown